How to Repair a Shower Diverter

If you’re having trouble with your shower diverter valve, you might want to learn how to fix it yourself. There are several common problems you can encounter, including a bent pin and broken valve. Alternatively, the diverter spout may need to be replaced. Check out Candu Plumbing of Chatsworth’s blog post to Chatsworth plumbers.

Repairing a shower diverter valve

A diverter valve is a device that controls the flow of water. It sits inside the spout of a shower and controls whether water flows upward or down. If it stops functioning properly, you can replace it at a local home improvement store.

The process of replacing a shower diverter valve is easy and fast. You can do it yourself or hire a licensed plumber. The former option is typically cheaper, but it may involve tearing up tiles to access the valve. The latter option may require a Chatsworth plumber to go through a wall behind the shower. A patch job may cost $75-$150.

Various types of shower valves are available in the market. Some are single-handle valves, while others have two or three handles. A single-handle valve is a basic type and is relatively inexpensive. It lets you control the flow and temperature of water without having to turn on the other two showerheads.

Replacing the entire shower valve is not a cheap job. A professional plumber will charge between $250 and $575. This cost does not include the cost of parts, which can range from $50 to $400. In addition to the cost of the shower valve, the plumber will also remove and dispose of the old valve.

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