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Good grief! As I write this we are approaching the first anniversary of our move across country. September 23, 2011, we walked out of our condo on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River in Southwest Florida, climbed into our packed-to-the-gills Honda to head West, and followed a few pieces of furniture and ninety boxes we’d shipped. Well, we turned West once I-75 intersected with I-10.

I’d made the drive from Southern California to Florida when we moved there in 1984. It was a first for my ever-lovin’, though, since he’d flown to Florida to take a job running an irrigation company in Central Florida. I won’t bore you with all the moves we made down the state until we ended up in North Fort Myers, but we certainly met lots of fine folks in the Sunshine State, and now we miss them like crazy.

Not to rush or anything, we poked along for twenty-three days on the return trip. Stopped and visited with a passel of relatives in Texas, and simply enjoyed ourselves. Although, I did have to make an overnight pitstop at Cochise County Hospital in Willcox, Arizona.

We could drive no farther once we arrived on the Pacific’s shore in Northern California. You won’t catch this gal sticking her pinky toes in the ocean here. Nooo thank you. It’s c.c.c.cold. A picturesque coastline, but that water is too cold to go into even in a wetsuit.

Coming from Florida’s 70-95 degree weather to 45 to an occasional 60 high is a shock. Mighty chilly in this neck of the woods, but the operative word there is “woods.” Coastal Redwoods to be exact. Bee.u.tee.ful. Our little metropolis is at the edge of those mighty trees, and it’s such a pleasure to drive Hwy 101 through them along the coast.

If you didn’t know, this northwest area of the U.S. sits on the continental shelf, and there’re some mighty gigantic rocks that have pitched up over millenniums in the water just off the coast. Does add to picturesque coastal views, though.

At our backs and not very far to the east, the Cascades flaunt impressive “shoulders,” like Mount Shasta. We dove through the Trinity Mountains on one of our jaunts. There’s a place that if you look down inot the river at the bottom of the canyon, an optical illusion makes that river look like it’s flowing “uphill”, determined to get to the Pacific! California is a different world in Northern California from Southern California. Can’t say I’m too sorry about that. It’s not wall-to-wall people up here.

I’m tickled pink to say I’ve finally finished another book. A time-travel. I’d never tried my hand at that sub-genre. May never do so again! That’s a different learning curve but I’m pleased with the results. For your reading pleasure, I’ve added an excerpt from WOMAN OF MY HEART here on my website. Let me know what you think! Now, if my agent will get it sold…

Until next time. Good health to all, and happy reading.

Joyce Henderson
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